T-Shirt Treasures

I don’t know about you guys but I have a very odd collection of random t-shirts. Whether it’s a concert I went to (I definitely didn’t see the American idol tour 3 summers in a row, okay I did), presents from mom with city names on it that I have never been to or ones that you literally have no idea where they came from. We all use them to lounge around the house or to sleep in but I woke up the other today and was like Hey, I’m going to get some use out of these. The moving process comes along with getting rid of things and these little guys were in jeopardy, but not anymore! They will be coming along with me and the hubs to our LA adventure because each one has a memory and this post is my proof to Marcus (my fella) that I will wear them! So I chose my three favorites: Ed Sheeran Tour, Mamma Mia Play & my Voodoo Donuts t shirt. Sorry mom, no random city shirts but I will still sleep in them!!

DSC_0137 (2)

I saw Mamma Mia in the movie theater EIGHT TIMES. I love literally everything about it from Meryl Streep’s perfection to Pierce Brosnan’s singing skills ( I know they’re are haters out there but his singing rocks my world). So for my birthday last year all I wanted to do was see the play with my fam. We took two whole rows and it was magic. Even my father in law got on his feet and wiggled a bit and if you knew him you would not believe me but it happened, I have witnesses! I cannot wait for Mamma Mia 2 coming our way and I will be first in line opening day!

DSC_0133 (2)

I styled this gem of t-shirt with flared jeans and wedges giving off a 70s vibe that I know that Donna Sheridan would rock. I paired that with a baby pink velvet belt and gold hoop earrings. I felt like a true dancing queen in this outfit and loved every minute of it.

These exact jeans are no longer available but here are some cute flare jeans I found for you guys that I thought you might like! Click on the one you like to shop away!


Quick Poll! Best Mamma Mia moment!

  1. Lay all your love on me performance where the bachelor party dudes jump in the ocean in their speedos
  2. Meryl Streep’s killer performance singing The Winner Takes it All
  3. The female comradery that makes you feel like a teenager again during The Dancing Queen scene

Tell me your vote in the comments!

DSC_0177 (2)

When we used to live closer to Portland, we would go their almost every weekend. We ate at the Veggie House in Chinatown (RIP we just found out it closed down) and at not one minute before 2 am was Voodoo Donuts time. It’s not just the great donuts, but the whole vibe of the place and the fact that there can be a line out of the door in the middle of the night. Such great memories, going to miss that place!

DSC_0168 (2)

I styled this Voodoo shirt with a black skater skirt and a black choker (my choker obsession is getting worse). I topped it all off with black sneakers and a low pony tail.

Here are some of my picks for skirts that would be great with one of your own t-shirts!


If you ever go to Voodoo, my favorite donut is the bacon maple bar, my go to!

DSC_0151 (2)

THIS CONCERT. Marcus got me tickets for my birthday, random ones he got online for like $75. We get there and the lady brings us all the way to the front! It took us a second to register what was going on but he had bought front row tickets without even knowing it!! I had never been in the front row at a concert before and Ed Sheeran is one of my favorite artist so the whole night was pretty fantastic.

DSC_0159 (2).JPG

I paired my cool Ed Sheeran tank with high rise leather black shorts, studded chunky heels and a silver necklace. It’s tied all together with the metallic tassel purse that makes life worth living. Look at that thing. OBSESSED.

Here are some of my picks for the perfect statement purse to go with your tees!


One more thing, I defend all guest spots Ed has ever done or ever will do! GOT and my personal favorite Bridgette Jones Diary 3 (best trilogy of all time). #rideordie #rantover

Well there you have it, I hope you can get some of those old tees filled with memories out of your closet, out of the privacy of your home and bring them out into the world while looking stylish doing it! Let me know which shirt was your favorite look in the comments below and don’t forget to hit the Follow button so you can be part of this journey with me!

Woh, first blog down! I will be doing a fashion post every Sunday so stay tuned!! I’m so excited for this new adventure and remember to follow my Instagram @overdressedgal for my #ootd ‘s and use my hashtag #kgalstyle if you want to show me how you are wearing your old tees!


overdressedgal ❤

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  1. So hard to choose a favorite from Mama Mia! They’re all so great. I’d probably have to say number 1 though! I love all of the looks. I can definitely see myself wearing something like the voodoo donuts shirt and skirt. But the purse is amazing from the ed sheeran look. Loved this whole post! Can’t wait for your next one. 😍

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