Make Them Wish They Had Said Yes

I am a firm believer that the biggest obstacle of following your dreams is yourself. Once you get past that and figure out what your passion is, go for it with all you’ve got. Everyone has the potential to follow their passion and succeed. Tierney and I both have that determined mind set in life. That’s why I am so excited for her thoughts on tackling the modeling world and tips on beauty and fashion!!


Tierney Jones is a Seattle based model who has been featured in Seattle Bride magazine and has been in several music videos along with print ads and runways shows. I had the pleasure of styling her in a recent photo shoot and she is so good at what she does. Her ultimate dream is to walk in Paris Fashion week and is actually vacationing in Paris next month! Before she leaves she was able to answer a few questions of what I thought you guys would want to know. Whether your an aspiring model, love fashion or if you just have a dream your working towards I hope you can get something from her words.


What got you interested in the modeling profession?
Oh boy, I honestly can’t recall the answer. I actually still have my first comp card from Seattle Kids from way back. I modeled for a few years as a kid, lost interest and became all about horses. Around 14 I got back into modeling and took all sorts of classes through John Robert Powers. About a year later I got…..THE ACNE. Yes, it get’s us all. And I just recently got back into modeling again, and have taken it on full time this go around and am loving it! So really I have been interested in modeling my whole life.

Mesh Overlay (similar style), Booties

What words of advice would you give to someone wanting to be a model but are having a hard time?
Embrace the word NO. I thrive on it, modeling is a lot of rejection, and that’s fine. That’s my fuel. I work harder and get better every day, and my moto to myself is; Make them wish they had said yes. Make them wish they had seen your potential all along. I also have the attitude that the worst thing anyone can ever tell you is no. I’m always the model that isn’t afraid to ask if we can use locations, or people’s cars on the street, I reach out to vendors and photographer I would like to work with. And no matter who you are, you can do it. Also, do your research; this is my full time job. I watch YouTube videos about posing, walking, tips, what should be in a models wardrobe, etc. Also I’ve heard it a million times, and am just now getting used to doing this, practice in the mirror! That’s about the most common and best advice. Know your angles and what looks good to the camera. And if you’re serious about wanting to model, no one can stand in your way.

Star Necklace (similar style)

What is your favorite thing about being a model?
All of the experiences and memories that I make. I’m always in a new location, with new people. It’s very intimidating, but also very fun! I also love getting styled and having my makeup/ hair done. I was on a shoot a few weeks ago and one of the girls said, “You’re our Barbie for the day to dress and style.” That’s just fine with me.


What secret do you have to stay looking beautiful for every job you do?
This is such an important subject for me, and I could do a whole interview on beauty. I’ve written one blog about a few of my favorite beauty products, if you want to check it out, click HERE But recently I got a PMD microderm it basically allows me to do microdermabrasion on myself at home. I’ve seen it on beauty blogs and Pinterest forever and just decided to give it a try. I highly recommend it for everyone! I ordered it from Nordstrom because of their great return policy so its a no risk investment if you want to try it out! For me it is helping to reduce fine lines, helps unclog pores (from all the makeup), and helps my skin absorb products. I could go on haha.

Jumpsuit (similar style), Clutch, Heels (similar style)

I am obsessed with your hair, any hair tips??
Ya, don’t do anything to your hair. That’s very hard. I hardly cut my hair, use good shampoo + conditioner, don’t dye it, and take vitamins. When I’m not modeling I don’t typically do much to my hair, I never blow dry it, and when I do curl or iron it I use heat protectants.


What is your beauty regiment in the morning?
I hope you’re sitting down. My beauty regime on the every day is usually very basic because I usually wear no makeup or very little on days I’m not shooting. So day to day I use Cetaphil. Don’t use anything that foams, it strips the oils from the face, bad. Then Acure brightening facial scrub to exfoliate. A toner, I love YesTo right now, their cucumber toner is life! Then a few various Estee Lauder creams, its my one expensive brand. Finish with Simple moisturizer with SPF.


How would you describe your style?
Always evolving. I suppose relaxed urban. My season is fall through and through, I love the chunky sweaters, boots, and scarves. My style can also be a little boho at times. I love all the old movie stars like Monroe and Hepburn, and Monroe didn’t ever wear lots of jewelry (in her every day life) because she didn’t want to compete with the jewelry, she wanted to show her natural beauty.


What is your go to piece of clothing you wear all the time?
A leather jacket. I have probably at least 4 and want more. I live in jackets and sweaters all winter. Leather jackets and boots are my go to all winter. On my wish list right now is the BLANKNYC embroidered jacket, similar to the one you used on the shoot with.

Leather Jacket, Velvet Belt, Velvet Heels

What is your favorite fashion trend right now?
I love that chunky earrings are back. I also love that fashion is swinging back to more fitted clothing. I love pleated skirts with basic or band tees and a bomber jacket. I love the clash of street masculine style with feminine style, like sneakers and a dress. I also like that belts are back in a big way.

Hoop Earrings

What are your fashion inspirations?
I follow a lot of major brands like Prada, and Chanel, but mostly various people and brands on IG. I save anything that inspires me, clothes, poses, photos, anything.



What is your most memorable moment as a model so far?
That’s a hard one. I’d have to say when I was about 14, maybe 15, I was in classes at John Robert Powers. There was this girl that I idolized. I noticed her style, which was very NY urban. More fashion than I had seen, being from a small town. Anyways this particular day in class we had runway practice. At the end of class we had a “walk off”, yup just like in Zoolander, slightly less weird. The competition came down to her and I. We walked, I won! I almost fainted. My favorite memories don’t have anything to do with money, or booking big names, it’s about having fun and setting goals.


I wanted to say a big thank you to Tierney for giving us her wisdom!! I would also like to thank the great team we had on this photo shoot. Shout out to Ryan Chastain Photography for the great shots and Amy Ruiz for the beautiful makeup. Click on their names to check them out because they are truly talented!


Tell me your favorite look and any questions you might have for me or Tierney in the comments! Hope you enjoyed her advice and tips as much as I did! (Totally going to try the YesTo products!) Until next time..


overdressedgal ❤

10 thoughts on “Make Them Wish They Had Said Yes

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  1. What a great experience Kayla!!!
    I love what Tierney said about the word NO! In my experience you need to embrace the NO, it just means you’re closer to the YES!!!

    Beautiful photos!

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  2. Tierney’s mom here and I want to start by saying how proud I am of her. In middle school Tierney was tall, skinny and a redhead when all the girls wanted to look like Brittany Spears. She’s learned to embrace her own unique look and style and that’s a huge part of hers’, and anyone elses, beauty.

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  3. Such a good interview and photo shoot! I love all of the looks but my favorite is probably the leather jacket that’s embroidered. 😍 I might have to buy that. Awesome job!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. She’s sooooo pretty! I think my favorite look would be the romper (hoping that’s what it is lol). Your blogs are so well written and interesting to read!!!

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