Episode 1

Wow, that was a lot to take in! The two night premiere started out with Chris Harrison on a deserted beach setting the tone for what was to come. But before they got to that, there was two days of first meetings, dates and some Bachelor in Paradise fun!

I want to take a minute to say goodbye to dear Jorge!! Did anyone else get the feels when he was saying goodbye?? So sad!! I’m really gonna miss him and his words of wisdom!!

Goodbye Jorge 2014-2017 (not dead going to live his dreams)
The silver lining: Wells is back and as the bartender! They say he is not allowed to go one dates and is strictly serving drinks… Il have more on that to say later!

The show started seeing all the people walking into paradise. When it started with Raven and Dean alone on the beach I got a little bit too excited and then Kristina and Danielle came in and had to ruin everything haha. Demario and Corrine got things in full swing and were all over each other immediately and with what we all knew was to come I didn’t know how to feel about it! They both have that outgoing life of the party personality (you’re not the life of the party Iggy, sorry) that could maybe go well together. But it obviously didn’t turn in to anything which turns me over to Jasmine! A surprising hot commodity this season with Nick showing his interest right away and them having the first make out of the season!! Later that night they soon weren’t the only ones kissing. Lots of connections being made within hours!! You gotta love Paradise. And dogs. Oh Ben, don’t get me wrong, my cats are my children but how much he has talked about his dog. Lets hope Raven likes dogs as much as he does.

DSC_0395 (2)

The first date! Dean and Kristina. I’m torn. In my previous post I gave a love predication with both people and it’s not with each other. The are both very sweet and nice but I don’t see the fire between them! I just didn’t see it! Also was that the same location as Carly and Evans first date?? Or am I loosing it? I think they are good for now and maybe a few episodes but I think there are better matches for both of them. In the back of my head I think Dean would be a great Bachelor. Could he not be with anyone at the end of this and we get to watch him for a few more months every Monday?

There was such a big difference in guys and girls this first episode. So many guys will be going home and then Robby walks in making their odds even worse. Now lets talk about the star of the episode, Robby’s hair. Why. Just why? Okay back to the second date of the episode, Robby and Raven. Watching that date I really couldn’t tell how Raven was feeling but I knew how I was. He is so full of himself! I was hoping Raven wasn’t in a Ken Doll trance. I thoroughly enjoyed her going back to her girls while he went to his boys and there very different takes on how their time together went.  Yasss Raven yasss.

The final date of the night and my favorite, Jasmine and Matt! Their drag date was far superior to any jet ski or dinner date. I love how they both embraced it, especially Matt! He rocked that dress and I’m growing to like him more and more. I definitely see why Rachel kept him so long now and he may just be the underdog of the season… He and Jasmine are cute together!! I also loved her two piece set she wore on the date!! I’m excited to see where that goes.



Taylor and Derek

Yes I get that this is an obvious one but lots of couples have gone strong the first night and died shortly after. I don’t believe this will happen with them. They will only get stronger and I wont be surprised if they are standing together at the end. The only thing that could get between them is if Taylor gets wrapped up in the drama like she did her last season with Corinne. So I definitely think Corrine no longer being there helps Taylor stay focused on her man.


Kristina and Vinny

I’m sticking to my original prediction! I know you don t see them even speak to each other the whole episode or see Vinny really speak to anyone on this episode but I still  see it! Kristina! Give him a chance! It would be great!


Danielle and Wells

I am shipping these two HARD!!! That moment where she looks up at the camera saying she should go for someone like him after their conversation. CHILLS. I have seen these two on social media and I actually already thought they were dating! They are so cute. Its gonna happen. Just watch.

To sum it up its Bachelor Watch 2017!!


My top three picks! Peter is obvious but Dean and Matt will all depend on this season of Bachelor in Paradise! I know Matt is out of nowhere but I just fell in love with him this episode.. anything can happen.

The episode ended with the cameras coming down and everyone going home after the producers pull Corinne and Demario aside. Next episode we will what happens with them and Carly and Evans wedding! I will add that to my recap next week! Watching next episode I plan on playing a drinking game. Every time Robby touches his hair, Drink! Who wants to do it with me?? Hopefully it wont get too bad and he goes home early in the episode. Things didn’t look good for him.

DSC_0353 (2).JPG

If you’re wondering about my cute pajamas, its Betsey Johnson!! They are no longer available but I found a cute one from the same brand. Click HERE if your interested! So ready for what this season has to bring! Until next week…


overdressedgal ❤

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  1. I love dogs and all but damn Ben only talks about his dog I swear! Ummm and Robby just needs to go. I also thought he was socially awkward on the bachelorette, but now it’s like he gained all this confidence and it’s disgusting. I want to shave his head lol! I love Matt and Jasmine. I also thought Matt was a creeper on Rachel’s season, but I totally get why she kept him around. He’s one of my faves now! Well written blog!!!!

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