I am here! Took about 25 hours of driving but I have made it to Los Angeles. Still have so many boxes and so much to get used to but I am ready for it.

Before I got to this point though I roadtriped it up with my husband, my sister and her boyfriend. 4 people, 3 cars and only one survivor. No not really we all survived but there were moments I wasn’t so sure.

We started in Washington state at 5:00am and we were off. Our first stop was obviously Starbucks because 5am. It took a little bit to get used to being in the big Budget moving truck that is also carrying a trailer with one of our cars on it. Let’s just say it was slow going. Here are my tips on a road trip from Washington to California.

Things I wouldn’t do again:

  1. NEVER GO ON THE 101 ROUTE WITH A MOVING TRUCK AND TRAILER. This is the only miserable thing we went through that I want to make sure no one else has to do! With all the hills, windy roads and cliffs, I was close to a heart attack! Those hills we could maybe go 35 mph adding hours to our trip each day. If you are bring all your stuff with you, I5 is the way to go.
  2. In and Out. I’m so sorry but I don’t get it! I liked the retro atomosphere and friendly people who worked there but that’s about it. The burgers are okay but those fries! It’s like eating styrofoam. If you need to stop for food, stop somewhere cute and local. It will be less trendy but the food will be better!
  3. Wear something that’s comfy and doesn’t wrinkle so easily! You gotta look cute in road trip pics but you will also be in a car for hours!! My corduroy skirt probably wasn’t the best choice but it’s so cute!

Things I would do again:

  1. Redwood National Forest Visitor Center. The park is huge and they give out free maps and have people to tell you the best routes for what your overall destination is and what you are wanting to see the most. We saw the most popular tourist attraction called the Big Tree. Great for taking pictures in front of and gives the dimensions of how big it really is!
  2. Spontaneous stops. You never know what you will happen upon. Yes you could just drive up on a small town with just a bench and some bushes, but in my case we found the cutest town called Trinidad, California. We ate at a restaurant called the Eatery that also served specialty coffees. I got a coconut macaroon latte and my life will never be the same. So good! Also, just a walk away from where we ate was a lighthouse overlooking a breathtaking view of the water filled with boats. It was such a beautiful unique sight to see and I am so glad we found this little place in the world that we will always remember.
  3. Make your destination somewhere your excited about! I’ve been in Los Angeles for about a week now and I love being a tourist in my own city. There is so much to do and see and I can’t wait for more!

As for my outfit I am wearing a brown corduroy skirt with buttons down the front of it that I am so obsessed with! It comes in black too! Click HERE to see details. I paired that with a sheer graphic tee that’s says Female First with a strappy bralette underneath cuz everyone needs to spread some girl power around every once in a while. Both pieces are very different but I loved the look they made together! For the top, click HERE.

Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to hit the follow button for more to come! Until next time…

❤ overdressedgal

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