5 New Years 2018 Resolutions

I’m about to be as basic as they come and share with you my new years resolutions! I normally don’t do this, I think the last time I remember setting any type of goal for myself on January 1st was in middle school. Resolution: Write in my journal everyday. And that lasted for about a week so lets hope this year I can out resolution my middle school self.

Keeping up my Plant Based Diet

So this one I already started before the New Year. This year for Christmas was a boring one. Everyone I knew in LA was out of town for the holidays and my husband had to work so my plans: Netflix Documentary Bingeing. I watched a few including Confession Tapes (SO GOOD), Disney’s Growing up Wild (what’s not to love about cute baby animals) and Travels with my Father (so funny). Then I came across a documentary entitled “What the Health“. Long story short it’s about health benefits of a plant based diet and I highly recommend watching it. I’m not telling anyone what they should or shouldn’t eat! Just for me, when I watched it something clicked and I have not eaten any animal products since.

I’ve never been one to cook or bake or put any effort in the kitchen at all but since my decision to eat a plant based diet I have been trying to make what used to feel like a chore into something fun. I put my music on (recently the new Taylor Swift album) and try making all different types of recipes everyday to seeing which ones will be my favorite and what ones will be a serious fail, which there definitely were ones! I am on day 14 of my diet and here are two of my favorite recipes so far!

SAMSUNG CSC  C1GpMr50avBPW4SNKG66ezB6h35nRAZpQIZs_U-qib0

Roasted Cauliflower Tacos with Avocado Cream

Pesto Pasta

I use Trader Joe’s Vegan Kale, Cashew and Basil Pesto. I put it on spaghetti noodles with broccoli, pine nuts and salt & pepper. Its seriously so good!

For those also on a plant based diet, I would love recipe and product suggestions! Comment below!

Go to a New Place Once a Week

Living in a new place can be overwhelming at times. I have been in Los Angeles for a little over four months now and I feel I have not been taking advantage of all there is to offer. So this year I am gonna make sure I go to a new place once a week! This week I went to Verve Coffee Roasting that’s in walking distance from my apartment. With all the greenery and the brick buildings on the buildings surrounding it, it gave me some serious Portland vibes. I will definitely be going back to catch up with friends or even just a change of scenery to work on some homework and each time giving me a little feeling of home. Other then great coffee they also have vegan pastries! Yum!

LA People! Suggestion would be awesome! Where should I go next week?


Learn More About Makeup

I have never really been good at doing my makeup. I have had a similar routine since I can remember. The last few years I have been a bit more adventurous with eyeshadow and lipstick and eyebrow filler is a must, but I still have a lot to learn. Normally for my face makeup I wear Maybelline’s BB Cream and Maybellines Dream Wonder Powder and that’s its, so its a very” is she wearing makeup?”  type of makeup. So when I got a gift card to Ulta for Christmas just as my BB Cream was running out I thought it was a perfect opportunity to try something different. So along with an amazing L’Oréal holigraphic astro blue highlighter stick, I got foundation for the first time in my life. I got the Naked Urban Decay foundation . I hope its a good one because  I have no idea what I am doing! Wish me luck! And any tips would be appreciated!

Try out some Fitness Classes!

Los Angeles is a hub for so many different types of fitness classes. I have never enjoyed working out but going to a gym with regular gym equipment is really the only experience I have had. There are spin classes, yoga, palates, boxing and I want to try it all and see what works for me. Along with my new diet, I want to be healthy in all categories so I m thinking I should do something other then just sitting on my butt watching Netflix documentaries. I was told of this app called Class Pass that lets you do a certain amount of classes a month for one monthly price. I’m gonna try it out and let you guys know how I like it! This resolution I am the most on the fence of if I will do it or not, time will tell!


Blog it Up

Once school started I was so busy with homework, new jobs, meeting new friends and working on my fashion career that blogging went to the back burner. But now going into my second quarter I know what to expect and would love to do blogs more consistently. I enjoy writing and will try to think of interesting things to share with you!! Food, Fashion, Los Angeles and following up on how these resolution’s are going!


MIRENARI_98_RG_324302476844_679 302498269_001Click on the pictures above to get my look!

I would love to hear everyone’s new years resolutions! Let’s make 2018 the best year yet!

❤ overdressedgal

3 thoughts on “5 New Years 2018 Resolutions

Add yours

  1. 1. Love love love your outfit in these pics
    2. I am also trying to eat more veggies, less meat/dairy so I appreciate the food pics you be posting on your insta stories! Lol


  2. Great photos! Great look too!
    I like that your resolutions are simple & straight forward. It will be easier to maintain. Thanks for sharing!


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