Traveling On A Student Budget

Travel is so important and I have thankfully been able to travel to some of my dream places like the Bahamas, Paris and even Greece. But last year I made the decision to go back to school and as everyone knows tuition can be a huge expense. Without a full time income and having a huge tuition bill always on my mind, my traveling has been put on hold. I have recently become very aware of my lack of travel as Summer is the main travel time of the year and everywhere I look people are vacationing in really cool places. I am definitely getting travel envy!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am so happy for the people out there traveling the world and making the most out of life but it got me thinking. What can I do to cure my travel bug?

I got the chance to visit family in Jackson Hole, Wyoming over a school break and I decided to make the most out of it and help my wanderlust by exploring this area and immersing myself in the culture to get my the travel high you get when exploring a new place.

Here are the top three experiences that helped my travel bug:

Downtown Jackson Hole, WY


Downtown Jackson Hole was definitely the most touristy place of the trip. The perfect tourist photo op in the area is under this huge arch. Downtown also has a cowboy bar that has horse saddles as bar stools and lots of gift shops and restaurants. For lunch we went to Liberty Burger and was pleasantly surprised to have a veggie burger option that was good but not as good as the shoe string fries the serve with it! Fries have always been a weakness of mine and I cant stop, wont stop eating them. I definitely recommend this place for a veggie option!

Downtown Driggs, ID


Driggs is the cutest little town I have ever been to. It had great restaurants, nice people and places tucked away like this coffee shop I took a million pictures in front of!

One morning I went to find coffee, much like most of my mornings in life. This weekend my phones data had stopped working so I couldn’t text anyone for directions if I got lost and I had no google maps. My mission was just to walk until I found a place that sells coffee and It was a really cool experience in itself. I couldn’t tell you the last time I went out with essentially no phone and it was a positive and freeing experience. I walked  to pretty much the end of downtown (its not very big) with no coffee in sight. Just as I was about to turn around I found a sign tucked away behind the main downtown shops and restaurants and it looked like it lead into a home. As I got closer I saw the fire pit and tables in the front lawn and people eating breakfast. Inside was a quaint and cozy seating area that was great spot to enjoy my coffee . I got a cold brew and noticed much to my surprise that they were no plastic straws but straws made of hay. I was so impressed with the coffee, atmosphere and lack of plastic straws that I went there almost every morning on my mini vacay.


Did I go into too much depth of my journey to finding the perfect coffee shop? Oh well! It was a fun experience to discover such a gem and without the help of Pinterest or Buzzfeed. Later I find out it was the coffee shop my dad had told me about and gave me a gift card for. I had no idea and paid with cash! But in my head I still like to think I was meant to find it!

Another fun fact about Driggs is Harrison Ford goes to this great thai restaurant called Teton Thai every Thursday. Unfortunately I wasn’t there on a Thursday but if anyone tries to stake it out tell Harrison I said hi!

Made a New Bestie

This is Elle Woods. My new canine friend. I have two cats of my own who I love to death but I hope to get a dog asap after I graduate and have a living situation that’s not a studio. This is my dad’s dog and while her name may technically be Ellie, just Ellie, she seemed much more of a spunky go getter like the infamous Elle Woods ( if you immediately have the bend and snap in your head now you are not alone.) She is loving and perfect and even more evidence that I desperately need a dog in my life! Just look at that face! Okay dog cutest rant over, Il give you a few minutes to take in the cuteness in the pic below….


And that is the end of my trip! Even though it wasn’t Europe or New York City, I think it’s important to make the most out of every new place you come across. If you make small vacay’s or checking out a new neighborhood with as much enthusiasm as one of those big trips and you will be surprised with your experience. Use the money you do have in the best way possible and you can have just as good of a time on a budget.


As for the jumpsuit, I bought it in a cute shop on Abbot Kinney Boulevard called Ananda a month or so ago. I’m not sure if they still have any but here are some of my picks for cute summer jumpsuits!


I love this length for jumpsuits! Click on the picture of the jumper you like to find out more! The one on the left is only $14.95!

Let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments! For my next travel on a student budget trip I’m thinking  San Diego, just a few hour car ride from LA.

❤ Overdressedgal

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  1. Oh wow! I went to the US last year and Jackson Hole was one of my absolute favourite places I ever went, and I’ve yet to see it in anyone’s travel posts up until now! Such a pretty place in the middle of the mountains, and I felt really at home there! x

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