Mamma Mia! Here I go again!

I just have so many thoughts! (SPOILER ALERT for anyone who hasn’t seen Mamma Mia 2 yet)

For those who don’t know, I am the ultimate Mamma Mia fan. Like ULTIMATE. I saw the first one in theater 8 times, I have watched it too many times to count since and I have seen the musical in person for my birthday last year. So for the Galloway household, hearing that there would be a Mamma Mia 2 was a big deal.

To be honest I had mixed emotions. So excited there would be more but also scared to death that they wouldn’t do it justice. I think I just took it out of my head for a while and next thing I know, opening weekend hit and it’s not like I am not going to see it.

So I put my Mamma Mia shirt on and my best overalls for my inner Donna to shine and walked into that movie with a (somewhat) open mind.

It was a slow start, I was beginning to get nervous but then “Be still my beating vagina” and I began to gain hope. Later the Waterloo music number happened and that is where it fully got me. THIS MOVIE IS AMAZING. But you know whats more amazing?

Lily James.


Someone who could fill Meryl’s shoes, I didn’t think their was anyone for the job. I was wrong. She studied and listened to the audio of Mamma Mia and it paid off. When she says “So Harry, You work in a bank?” when they are walking through Paris and you don’t actually hear her say it, you think it is Meryl. There is no difference in how she spoke and sang.

Another one of my favorite moment’s of hers, is her running through the orange tree field with her singing Name of the Game. Her soul just radiates from the screen. I could watch that one scene over and over. And that skirt. Best fashion moment of the movie hands down. Lily James is pure perfection.


I feel like this could be a two part blog so I will try to make the rest straight to the point. Cher– Amazing. Young Dad’s– Hot (really weird how young Sam has much better voice than old Sam ha!) Young Dynamos– Uncanny! Those are the same people in a time machine right? Old Dad’s– as funny as ever. Harry is my fave. Old Dynamo’s– I love them so much! Sophie– Eh, sorry not a fan. Donna! Yes, she does make a small appearance towards the end. So happy. I maybe shed a tear. Also did you notice that Sophie named her baby boy Donny! Donna-Donny, get it? And he had Harry’s ears! He is my theory for the real baby daddy but my husband Marcus and I disagree (he says Bill.) The marriage might not be able to get past it.

And I think that’s it! loved all the new songs as well as the old ones in a different light. And as always the end song/credit musical scene is a highlight of the whole movie. Those who have seen it and didn’t wait till after the credits, you missed out on some bonus action. One of my favorite characters that I haven’t mentioned yet makes another appearance. Go again and see what you missed!

Tell me what you thought of the movie and your favorite fashion moment! I would love to know. Thanks for reading!



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