Ditching The Jeans

Finally after a year of living in Los Angeles, I went to The Last Bookstore. It is less than a mile away from where I live so there is no excuse for how long it took me to check it out. For those who don’t know, The Last Bookstore is huge and sells reused books and records. It is two stories with tucked away rooms, places for photo ops and so much character you could explore it all day. I thought it was the perfect  location to ditch the everyday jeans and wear pants with as much character as this place.

The Last Bookstore Interior
Photographed by Abby Schemmel

When it hit’s Summer, especially the crazy hot weather in LA right now, jeans are the last thing I wanna put on. Even jean shorts in the heat can be uncomfortable. That’s why I have a growing collection of pants that aren’t denim that I can’t stop wearing.

Record Shop.jpg
Photographed by Abby Schemmel

These long and flowy pants are perfect to mix with a graphic tee or dress it up with an off the shoulder or crop top. With no air conditioning in this place you definitely needed to be wearing something with light fabric so you wouldn’t get a heat stroke! Thank god for the fans at every corner. I wore a graphic tee with pink palazzo pants with a lace choker and my platform slides. It’s great to lounge around in or go hunting for the perfect book.

Photographed by Abby Schemmel

Here are some similar I found that I love! Click on the picture to find out more!


Photographed by Abby Schemmel

I found these next pants on a sale rack at Forever 21. I didn’t wear them for a while because they were so different then anything else I owned but now that I have, I will have to really stop myself from wearing them everyday. I love the frill at the bottom and the versatility from street wear to a work outfit. I paired it with my white tee and a jean button up corset on top of it. Topped it with my white pointy boots I got from Target and then came one of my favorite outfits I have ever worn.

Black Frill Pants
Photographed by Abby Schemmel

Here are some that are similar! Shop away! I’m pretty sure those plaid ones in the middle are going to be mine, only $25!


The Last Bookstore ended up having a whole section of decorative books and I found the perfect combination of colors and titles for a great decorative piece for my apartment! Overall a very successful trip!

Photographed by Abby Schemmel

Special shout out to Abby Schemmel for taking these amazing photos and helping me pick out the perfect set of decorative books. Couldn’t do it without you. It is also her birthday on Friday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it is your best year yet!

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


22 thoughts on “Ditching The Jeans

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  1. I live in LA too and it took me forever to get to The Last Bookstore, so you’re not alone! But when you finally get in there and explore all of the rooms, it’s so fun right?!? Just as fun are your bottoms. Love that you have so many cute options and that you’ve shared where I can get em too. Love love love, this post!

    Danielle | FollowMyGut.com ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much!! It was such a unique place! Living in LA I think I am always going to have some cool place I haven’t gone to yet but I’m going to try to hit as much of them as possible haha. Thanks for reading!❤️


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