My 5 Favorite Vegan Products

“Are you a vegetarian?” Is a question I get a lot and to be honest 98% of the time I am. I believe vegetarianism and veganism are the healthy way to go and most my diet goes that direction. The 2% is when I am not in my normal routine, specifically when I am visiting family who want to cook for me. I am definitely not saying no to that as a broke college student!

I like to get vegan products as much as possible. Even though my weakness is cheese, I like to be as vegan as I can be.

Over the years I have found some MUST have products for vegans or just people leaning that way and here are my top 5:

One: Just

JUST Ranch Info

They have a lot of different things but the ones I ALWAYS have in my fridge are the Just Ranch and the Just Chipotle Mayo. The ranch I use for dipping sauce, salads, and condiments for some of my favorite meals. I use the chipotle mayo on veggie burgers. Speaking of veggie burgers…

Two: Dr. Praegers California Veggie Burgers

dr. praegers california veggie

These are so good! I have tried Boca burgers and Beyond burgers but Dr. Praegers is definitely my favorite. Boca was too plain with not much flavor and Beyond was just a little too meat-like for me. I put it on a sesame seed bun (my fave kind of buns) and top the burger off with chipotle mayo, raw mushrooms, sliced avocado and spinach.

Three: Gardein Seven Grain Crispy Tenders

Gardein Seven Grain Crispy Tenders

Probably the only meat substitute that I eat on its own. These chicken tenders are an easy in between class lunch or snack.. Something different about these compared to others is the seven grain crust including quinoa that makes it extra crunchy. I also like to cook it a few minutes longer then what the package says to make it even more crunchy.
For a bigger meal, I like to cut it up and put it in salads and my favorite thing to make are my Buffalo Ranch Chicken Tacos. Let me know in the comments if you guys want my vegan/ vegetarian recipes! Until then, my new Pinterest already has some of my faves! Click here to take a look at the Vegetarian Recipes board. I make everything that is in there all the time!

Four: Earth balance- Original

Earth Balance Original

For literally anything you would normally use butter for. I use it for garlic bread, pasta, baking, popcorn and a countless number of things really. It helps you to eat like you already do but have less animal products in your diet.

Five: Almond Breeze- Original- Unsweetened

Almond Breeze Original Unsweeted

Almond Breeze is the only milk we buy! It is good with cereal as well as baking or cooking. I use it to make my homemade mac n cheese (told you I love cheese) and it helps make it nice and creamy! A big mistake you can make when purchasing it for cooking is accidentally getting some type of sweetened or flavored one because you definitely don’t want vanilla flavored mac n cheese. So make sure it’s Original and Unsweetened like the picture above.

I hope that was helpful for those researching eating vegan or figuring out where to start! Let everyone else do the hard work for you and go straight to the good products without having to go through the bad! If anyone has some other good suggestions for vegan products let me know in the comments! I always love finding new favorites.


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