Season 5 is here! Bachelor in Paradise Ep. 1

Its that time again when your favorites ( and least favorites) all live on a beach together and create TV gold. Bachelor in Paradise!

Here are some key players that I think will make this season of paradise VERY interesting:

David and Jordan

And their feud continues! The first episode has David the chicken go up to Jordan with a quick handshake and a “nice to see you” but later on in the season, I don’t see that happening. If you didn’t watch Becca’ s season then all you really need to know is that these two people hate each other. Because of this, they were the perfect candidates for the dreaded two on one date. It was possibly one of the most ridiculous two on ones that has ever been and eerily similar to Ashley I’s two on one with Kelsie on Chris Soules season. Personally I am team Jordan. I think David bullies him and Jordan has to defend himself. When Jordan defends himself though, they are the most perfect one liners that Bachelor Nation has ever seen.

Jordan GIF.gif

Some of my favorite Jordan one liners:

“Attached to me is profesionality. It’s my face. It’s in everything I do. It’s the way I walk; it’s the way I talk. So if you want to wreck my image, you’ll never succeed, because my image is me.”

“I’ve totally moved in to David’s head. I should be paying rent to that guy. My feet are rested up on his porch.”

“Love is the greatest power on Earth. Being me is my greatest power. Do you get that? Being you isn’t your greatest power. That’s why you gotta talk about me.”

“Cheers to you being a bitch.”



You might remember her as the quirky taxidermist from Arie’s season but I get a feeling she is gonna be a hot commodity this season. She is super sweet but also very weird. Her conversation with Joe the Grocer about dead people and picnicking in a cemetery was an odd way to start a relationship with someone but she is so authentically herself and I think that’s why she will be getting so much attention this season.  So I have heard lots of rumors of connections that Kendall’s makes this season.

  1. Kevin
  2. Leo
  3. Grocery Store Joe

Love square! I loved these guys on Becca’ s season and Kevin on Bachelor Winter Games (If you haven’t already watched it then start binge watching on Hulu now! I believe it will play a part this season.) I also think all three of them will bring a lot to this season both positively and negatively. Leo was a favorite of mine from the beginning of this last season of The Bachelorette but rumors about him outside the Bachelor universe and from that BIP season preview has now brought a negative light on him for me. If you don’t know what I am talking about then you can read about it HERE. I think Joe could be a perfect fit for Kendall so I am hoping that’s the direction she goes. I am totally rooting for both of them! *Side note: I am obsessed with Grocery Store Joe*



Kevin is interesting as he is the first (and not the last) Bachelor in Paradise contestant from another country’s Bachelor franchise. Kevin is from Bachelor Canada and he then appeared on Bachelor Winter Games. What you need to know about him is that he was the winner of Bachelor Games with fellow contestant and now ex girlfriend Ashley Iancontetti (or who I always refer to as Ashley I.) If you are a fan of Bachelor Nation then you know who she is. She has been on many season’s of the Bachelor in Paradise with now fiancé, Jared Haibon. So to back it up a bit, Jared and Ashley  have been a will they won’t they for years and all documented on Bachelor in Paradise. It was very much perceived on the show that Ashley was obsessed with Jared and Jared only wanted to be friends. Fast forward to Ashley and Kevin becoming a couple while on Bachelor Winter Games. That’s when Jared changed his mind and wanted to be more than friends with Ashley. Ashley and Kevin shortly break up and she get’s with Jared. The whole story of Jared and Ashley is in the video HERE called The Story of Us. Kevin found out they were together and what was happening behind his back from there video. I am actually obsessed with Jared and Ashley I’s relationship but there are some sketch moments and I feel bad for Kevin in the situation. Ashley and Jared will actually get engaged on this season of paradise so it will be interesting to watch if they tie in Kevin with that, or if Ashley and Kevin talk when she is briefly in Paradise. We will see!


Colton and Tia

Finally, the elephant in the room, Colton and Tia. The whole situation is a bit confusing so here is a timeline of their relationship:

Arie’s season of The Bachelor is airing

  • Tia and Becca are on Aries season of the Bachelor
  • Tia is a front runner for being The Bachelorette
  • Colton is in the process of being a contestant on The Bachelorette
  • Colton slides into Tia’s DM’s and they start talking
  • Colton and Tia spend the weekend together. While on the weekend Tia face time’s Caroline and Becca. This is the first time Becca and Colton meet.

Becca is announced as the new Bachelorette

  • Colton gets casted for her season
  • Colton and Tia break things off and she encourages him to go on The Bachelorette

Becca’ s season of The Bachelorette starts filming

  • Becca likes Colton. She does not recognize him from the FaceTime call
  • Colton tells Becca he used to date Tia but there was no spark (or something like that.) Becca is upset and needs time
  • Colton goes on a group date that Tia is a part of (AWKWARD.) We only saw Becca and Tia talk and Becca and Colton talk.
  •  Tia tells Becca to go for it with Colton
  • Becca now seems completely fine with the whole thing (still confused of what we missed for her to jump back on board with him so quickly)
  • Colton falls in love with Becca
  • Fast forward to home towns, Tia tells Becca she still has feeling for Colton
  • Becca sends Colton home

The Bachelorette starts airing and Bachelor in Paradise starts filming

Colton and Tia.jpg

We are now caught up to last night’s episode. What is going on? Now Colton likes Tia again? I think he’s a snake in the grass. I just don’t like it. The picture above says it all… Tia looks smitten and Colton looks uninterested. I really like Tia so I hope that I am wrong. It was planned so perfectly that the show gave Tia a date card the day before Colton arrives to create this love triangle. To be honest I am not too excited about the Christ match either. Who will she end up with or will she end up with no one this season.? I’m also curious if Becca is watching and what she thinks.

That’s about it for episode 1! I will be doing weekly posts on the newest episodes of Bachelor in Paradise. I will continue to stay completely informed of all things #bachelornation and keep you up to date of everything going on in front and behind the camera. I will be including things like Jordan’s one liner of the week and favorite fashion moments. I might have to have a whole fashion section just for Wills!

Wills Fashion.jpg

That suit!!

Let me know what you thought of the first episode! Also what do you think about the Colton and Tia situation and who do you want to be the next bachelor?? #teamjason

Comment below and add me on Insta to get more bachelor action and daily #ootd



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    1. It brings popular bachelor and bachelorette contestants and they live on a beach for a summer with the goal to find love! It’s very entertaining and also works! Couples get to spend a lot more time together on Paradise compared to the bachelor so some really solid couples come out of it 🙂

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