Day Date at the Park

Going out of an actual date when you can binge watch Netflix perfectly fine from your couch can be a bit challenging. But my husband and I made a pact this summer to go out more! Whether its going to a nice dinner or stroll in the park, just as long as we get dressed and explore this new city we live in.

Duck Friend.jpg

One of first dates was at Echo Park Lake. The scenery is beautiful and wildlife is all around. Turtles fill the lake and a park wouldn’t be a park without ducks, right?

Bench at Park.jpg

The best part of the park by far is the swan water bike (the closest name I could think of for this fun activity.) For $11 per person you can rent them for a hour and explore the lake. There is also a big fountain in the middle that you can go under to cool off when it is hot outside. It was the best time and I definitely recommend. Attached to that is also a little café for refreshments and a place to sit without the sun glaring down at you.

Echo Park Outfit.jpg

For this casual day date I wore a black cotton dress with cut outs and a denim jacket. I wore super comfy grey tennis shoes and used a grey bandana for a necklace. A super easy summer outfit for an outdoor activity. I had no choice but too put my hair in a pony with the scorching heat of Los Angeles right now.

Willow Tree Denim Jacket.jpg

Echo Park Palm Trees.jpg

Accessory Close Up.jpg

This is the perfect day date at the park outfit, but the bandana necklace is my favorite.

Bandana2 bandana4 bandana3

I found a few I liked so click on bandana that’s your favorite and go directly where you can purchase it. You can wear them different ways including as a hair tie! That cute cherry one has summer written all over it.

Light Pole Park.jpg

I hope that gave you some summer date and outfit inspiration! I would also love some more date ideas!! What should we do next? Comment below with your suggestions! Until next time…



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  1. It’s nice to get out and reconnect. We have two kids and I think we’ve been on a “date” once in the 11.5 years we have had kids. Life just gets so busy, you really have to make time for it.

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