Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Week 2

The Colton and Tia show returns! Oh I mean Bachelor in Paradise! But for real, every production move is geared towards their story line. I am kind of over it and I am not sure if we have seen the worst of it or if there is more to come!

But first! Yuki is back! For those who don’t know Yuki was on Bachelor Winter Games. She never really had a chance to find love with the language barrier but she is so funny and sweet and you can tell she has a great soul. I am glad she is the bartender this time so she can be part of the show without having to worry about making connections.

The show on Monday night was all about the rose ceremony and the big question was: Who will Tia give her rose to? I am so proud of her when she told Colton she wouldn’t give him the rose because he doesn’t know what he wants. It was the first step of her trying to move on but the surprise of the rose ceremony…. Bibiana gave Colton the rose! Whaaaaa? That’s what I was thinking too and Tia wasn’t too happy. It was a total friendship rose but definitely didn’t see that one coming.

Bibiana and Kendall.jpgHere are some other thoughts on what happened this week in Paradise:

Hot Commodity of the week:

John and Krystal!

John got two dates in a row!! I have always loved John from Becca’s season and I don’t think he got the attention he deserves! I am all about his new found attention and how cool is it that he helped create the Venmo app!

Krystal seemed solid with Kenny at the beginning of the week but by the end she made the switch over to Chris. I didn’t see that one coming. Why do people like Chris? Why? More on that later! Before that, last week she was with Kevin. I feel like people are moving around a lot more this season compared to past seasons.

Who I am Shipping:

Jordan and Jenna- THEY ARE PERFECT. I will be so upset if she leaves him for Chicken David.

Kendal and Grocery Store Joe- Nothing but love!

Caroline and John- This was a hard one. I think I want it to work with Caroline but I maybe saw more chemistry on the Jubilee date. We will find out who he gives the rose to next week. Love triangle alert!

Kevin and Astrid- So happy with this match. Astrid was a perfect narrator week one and I fell in love with her but didn’t see any connections so I am glad she found one this week and I love Kevin.

Who I am not Shipping:

Krystal and Chris

Tia and Chris

Honestly, Just anyone with Chris. Sorry Goose fans.

Most Ridiculous Convo of the Week:


Split in the middle between-

Eric and Kenny using cheese as a metaphor of the women coming back for roses or something like that? I honestly didn’t follow but they were so serious about it!! “Move with the cheese.”

The goose gang (Chris and Jordan) comparing all the women to what course they would be in a meal. Like what??? Then making goose calls literally while Colton is telling Tia that Chris kissed someone else. I can’t!

The Snake in the Grass of the Week:

Chris and Tia.jpg


After giving a whole speech to Tia that he was 100% here for her and can see them having a future, guess what he does??? Make out with Krystal. I just feel so bad for Tia. What is up with the guys she chooses?!

Chris does not even feel bad. He is bragging to all the guys so obviously it is going to get back to Tia.

I am still rooting for you Tia!

The weekly Colton and Tia Update:

Bachelor in Paradise captures - August 14, 2018

Becca is back! After Tia moved on and decided to give her rose to Chris, Becca comes to talk to the girls and give them advice. At least that’s what they wanted you to think. It was just another scenario made to continue this Colton, Tia and Becca triangle. It is obvious Colton really loved Becca and I am glad they got to talk and get closure.

Another thing that surprised me is how Colton reacted when he heard Chris kissed Krystal knowing that it would hurt Tia. Does he like Tia? I didn’t think so but now I am not sure. When Colton sat Tia down to tell her, the way Tia brushed something off his face? I don’t know… gave me some vibage. Who know where their story is going to go.

Fashion Moment of the Week:

Giving this one to my girl Becca. She is just perfection, guys. I love her. That orange looked so good on her and it is such a sophisticated but still beachy look. I FOUND IT. To shop the look click HERE.

Behind the Scenes Bachelor News of the Week:

Kevin and Ashley I

In my first week Bachelor in Paradise recap I go over Kevin and Ashley I.’s history from what I had known from that point but the day after last week’s recap Ashley I. spoke out refuting one of Kevin’s statement’s on his intro package. On the Almost Famous podcast that is run by Ben Higgin’s (former Bachelor) and Ashley I, she says that she did actually tell Kevin about her and Jared before they went public. So it is kind of a he said she said.

Also it was super funny when Jubilee accidently called Astrid Ashley when she pulled Kevin aside about a possible date. What are the odds. Ha!

Jordan’s Quote of the Week:

Jordan GIF sunglasses.gif

“He’s like the opposite of Mr. Rogers. Like, I don’t wanna be your neighbor. You know? I don’t wanna be your neighbor dude. So stop. Stop trying to have what I have. Mr. Rogers brought back television for children back in the day and David has literally done nothing here. I’m f***ing Mr. Rogers.

Mr. Rogers

Now we just wait till next week! As Tia so lovingly put, “I’m ready for the Goose the get cooked.”

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  1. I have never developed a taste to this type of shows, I might watch for a short while just to see what’s going but I do feel that relationships are private and when out to the public like that, it turns fake! It was interesting reading your post, I never heard about this show before.

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