Shopping in the Men’s Section

I was shopping with my husband the other day and I had love at first sight! I call it, the Magnum PI shirt. This button up pineapple shirt was the perfect upgrade to my current and slightly boring outfit. But it was in the men’s section. I paused for second then thought, who cares?

Simplistic outfit laughing.jpg

It had personality, versatility, and fit perfect. I loved it so much so that I wore it right out of the store! It got me thinking of why I haven’t done this before. There is a whole half of a store that I don’t pay any attention to. I think we should all shop in the men’s sections to find gems like these. Marcus found an avocado shirt that was right next to my pineapple one and also wore it out of the store. Couples who wear fruit together stay together, am I right?

Purple Brick Outfit Idea.jpg

Purple Brick Fashion.jpg

So far I have worn this shirt two ways. The first way has a “retired to the Florida Keys vibe” and I am definitely feeling it! I wore my mustard colored pants that tie in the front with a black bodysuit. Some easy to throw on black sandals and a cute silver layered necklace. I am also sporting some ilymix shades that brings the whole outfit together. I threw my Magnum PI shirt, leaving it open for a nice breeze for the crazy hot day and went on my way!

HIgh waist shorts

This second look I buttoned up the shirt and tucked it into a pair of high waited denim shorts. Threw on the same black sandals and wore a different pair of ilymix sunglasses. It’s definitely a more casual look but makes the shirt stand out more since the rest of the outfit blends together a bit.

Buttoned up Pineapple Shirt on Snake Stairs

Retro sunglasses.jpg

I paired both these pineapple shirt inspired outfits with ilymix sunglasses! I definitely like the more retro vibe lately with my sunglasses. The ones above are literally just like sunglasses cut in half and I am loving it. It’s edgy without being too out there. The sunglasses below made me feel my inner Bella Hadid! The trendy small frames are perfect to spice up a look and make you feel like a million bucks! Both these glasses run for $39 but with my code you can get $15 off! Click HERE to start shopping!!!!

Sunglasses close up.jpg

I hope this inspired you to explore the men’s section in your favorite stores! Show me how you wear your “men’s” clothing by using the hashtag #overdressedgal on Instagram and tag me in your pics! I will be sharing my favorites on my Insta Story!

The two sunglasses I am wearing are called, “Retro 90’s Small Oval Metal Flat Len’s Sunglasses” in the Silver Mirror color and “Retro Half Circle Rimless Sunglasses” in the Black Smoke color. Use my discount code to get 15$ off, click HERE to see what other styles ilymix offers!


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