Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Week 3

The week of love triangles! Lots of change ups this week and I am not happy about it! Before the new guys came in, there was the rose ceremony where the guys had the power. It is really hard to read Kenny and I had no idea who he was going to pick but I was hoping Bibiana and thought Annaliese most likely not. Guess who got the rose? Annaliese! I will miss you Bibi!

Also, Jaroline is dead 😦 I was really hoping John would give the rose to Caroline but I knew there was a possibility it wouldn’t happen. RIP.

Yuki love triangle.jpg

The Kendal/Leo date and Jorge reading the re-enactment of his romance novel! I literally cant! The return of Arie, Lauren, Ben and Amanda was so random and hilarious. This is why I love Bachelor in Paradise, it doesn’t take itself too seriously.


Hot Commodity of the Week:

Jenna and Kenny!

The first episode of the week three girls were going after Kenny and I think he liked it a lot! SO MUCH KISSING. I think Annaliese got the rose because of her wrestling gesture. Even though I wanted the rose for Bibiana, it was a bit of a last minute effort on her part to get the rose to stay and not necessarily for him.

Jenna ruled both nights. Jordan and David fighting over her the first episode and Jordan and Benoit fighting over her in the second episode.

First night

David-Just obviously trying to mess with Jordan.

Jordan-Really likes her and knows that David is just trying to use her to get to him! Yes, he shouldn’t of killed the dog (to clarify he threw a stuffed animal into the ocean) but everyone including Chelsea and Jubilee just kept laughing and picking at him when he was already upset and pushed him to a negative point. #alwaysteamjordan


Death of Dog.jpg

Second Night

Benoit- Not feeling him. Him and Jenna did have chemistry though. I am not sure where it will go!

Jordan- GUYS he really likes her. I think he is totally genuine and I hope Jenna forgives him for his one slip up the previous night.

Jenna- Please forgive Jordan!

Who I am Shipping:

Joe the grocer

Kendall and Joe- Just look at him! This week consisted of me yelling at the screen at Kendall saying, “He’s a good one! Pick him!.” I can’t handle seeing Grocery Store Joe sad 😦 I am really hoping this will be sorted out by next week. OR somewhat selfishly I was thinking: What if Kendall makes the wrong decision and he does go home? Might make a good story for him to become the next bachelor? Just saying. #grocerystorejoeforbachelor

Jenna and Jordan- I still have hope.

Kevin and Astrid- I want to see more of them but they give me a good vibe! From the preview for next week it looks like my wish may come true!

Who I am Not Shipping:

Kendall and Leo- Obvious reasons.

Krystal and Chris- I don’t really see the connection they say they have. But something that happened this week is I started to like Krystal. I think her talk with Bibiana towards the beginning of the week was really sweet. Especially with their history from Arie’s season and Krystal’s history in general. I think she can do better than Chris.

Most Ridiculous Convo of the Week:

joe and jordan bromance

I think my favorite was Grocery Store Joe and Jordan laughing hysterically about Kendall and Leo re-enacting a romance novel for their date. It was such a pure bromance moment and even though they had tough weeks in their relationships, at least the have each other! They are my two favorite people in paradise.

joe is so cute.gif

The Snake in the Grass of the Week:



So he says he wants it to be just him and Kendall to the end and Kendall is risking her relationship with Joe for him and the night he gets back from him and Kendall’s date, he kisses Chelsea! Nope! Not having it. Go away.

And the preview for next week! If he hurts one hair on the Grocer’s head I will freak out!

The Weekly Colton and Tia Update:

Yay for Tia.png

There is a part of me that it very happy for Tia. She is one of my favorite girls this season and she got her guy and everything she wanted! But will it be short lived? Raven’s warning made me worried. Raven knows more about the situation than all of us and there must be something not right for her to have such strong negative feelings about Colton.

“If this ends badly, imma cut his penis off and he cant ever lose that virginity.”-Raven


Fashion Moment of the Week:

Rose Ceremony.jpg

Jordan’s rose ceremony suit of course! A very easy choice and a fashion moment that outshined the rest. Only few men in the world could pull it off and Jordan is one of those guys. I get the Abu reference from Aladdin but I am not mad at it. Why wouldn’t you want to dress up as a Disney character?


Behind the Scenes Bachelor News of the Week:

Almost Famous Podcast

If you aren’t already listening to the Almost Famous Podcast with Ben Higgins and Ashley I. then you are missing out! It is perfect for Bachelor fans and I am a loyal weekly listener. This week they have a special Grocery Store Joe episode! So if you haven’t listened before this is a good episode to start! If anything you get to listen to Grocery Store Joe’s accent for a half hour. I’m a fan!

Jordan’s Quote of the Week:

Jordan crab gif

“He’s tasting all the porridge. He’s not Goldie Locks but he’s got the length of her hair I guess or pretty close to it.”


^Grocery Store Joe laughing at all of Jordan’s one liners #bromance

Really looking forward to next week, It looks like a good one! Every Wednesday I post a recap about that week of Paradise. To catch up, click HERE to read my recaps from previous weeks!

Thanks for reading!




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