Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Week 4

This week started with Hurricane Leo this week and I was SO READY for him to go. Kendall gave his rose to Joe and all is right in the world! The way Joe stood up for her was everything! Seriously such a stand up guy. Can we take a moment to look at this still and Jordan’s face in it when Leo is freaking out? HAHAHA

leo and jordan.jpg

Hot Commodity of the Week:

Chelsea and Kendall

Girls had the power this week and Chelsea was the one girl that wasn’t coupled up! So the 4 guys who didn’t have roses flocked to her. John and David were the only ones I read as genuine. The most ingenuine (Jordan is totally right on that word!) was for sure Benoit but more on that later!

John said it himself, Kendall was a hot commodity. Other then Leo and Joe fighting for her, John sneaked in and kissed her! I could see it all over her face that that is the moment when she knew. Right after she told Joe that John and her kissed but that Joe was the only guy for her. I seriously love that Grocery Store Joe automatically said he was falling for her to and was so understanding of Kendal’s actions. She really needs someone like him, I think they balance each other out perfectly.

kendall's bo.PNG

Who I am Shipping:

kevin and astrid

ASTRID AND KEVIN- How does Kevin get so lucky on all the Bachelor shows? Last one standing on the Canadian Bachelorette and winner of Bachelor Winter Games. Now he has Astrid and I bet money that they get engaged at the end of this. Should be interesting to see how Ashley and Jared getting engaged there will affect their relationship.

Annaliese and Kamil- Annaliese has had such a rough go of it. Once Kenny left, I thought she was done for been then walked in Kamil. I am really rooting for her and hope this is her person!

Jenna and Jordan-I never lost faith in them! I really hope they are lifers. I love seeing Jordan all love struck. They are just so cute.

Kendall and Grocery Store Joe- Obviously

WOW there are all of a sudden a lot of solid couples this week!

Who I am Not Shipping:

Krystal and Chris- Sorry I just don’t like Chris. Krystal can do better

Angela and Eric- I have always liked Eric and I am shocked with how this week ended! He pretty much told Angela the night before that he wouldn’t go on any dates and they were all in and then some hot lady walks in and his “feelings change” Like WHAT. To be honest I never really saw it with them in the first place but they also haven’t gotten much air time before this week. I guess we will have to see what happens next week!

Most Ridiculous Convo of the Week:


Cheese. Why so much cheese talk?? The end of the Monday night episode consisted of the guys talking about what cheese they would be! Like I cant! Here are the results:

Chris (Goose & now Goat apparently)- Goat cheese because I am the goat

John- Bree cheese because its smooth and calming

Jordan- Mild cheddar. I kinda go with anything ya know?

Eric- I’m just cheddar, tryna get better baby

Then Chris Harrison gets on the cheese bandwagon and puts it the narration of what’s upcoming on Tuesday’s episode.

This season’s motto: Move with the cheese.

The Snake in the Grass of the Week:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Leo is an obvious one so next in line is Benoit.

There is something off about him. If you watched Bachelor Winter Games then you know the who engagement with Claire was just weird and short lived. Then he comes in and makes Jenna cry, calls my man, Jordan, nuts, makes Jenna cry, then a few hours later professes his love to Chelsea to get a rose. He plays up the passionate foreigner with an accent card but I think he is just not in place right now to be in a relationship. Chelsea gave John the rose and then Benoit acted like the world ended of his hour long romance with Chelsea and left without saying goodbye to anyone. When he was crying in the car I felt bad but it almost seems like he is love with the idea of love more then any individual person.

The Weekly Colton and Tia Update:

colton and tia hotdog.jpg

They ate hot dogs and Colton got jealous of Chris Harrison.

Pretty much sums up the episode with them!

Fashion Moment of the Week:



I was loving Kendall’s rose ceremony look! I love the layered gold necklace and her dress made it obvious why so many guys are after her! I found the dress HERE to shop the look!

Behind the Scenes Bachelor News of the Week:


Grocery Store Joe is on Ellen!

Jordan’s Quote of the Week:


Jordan- “You opened up my briefcase and I don’t like your little French fingers going through it. Ya know? That’s it. Just stop opening up my briefcase bro. Cuz it’s been closed.

Wells- “What’s in your briefcase?”

Jordan- “Its some f***ing passion. And that’s it. Its imaginary. It just an empty briefcase  full of passion.”

Wells and Jorge.jpg

Some fan favorites and Bachelor in Paradise royalty come back next week! Ashley, Jared, Carly and Evan and Jade and Tanner. And they bring engagements and babies! SO EXCITED.


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