Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Week 5

The OG’s of Paradise are back! Ashley, Jared, Carly, Evan, Jade and Tanner! It started of with Ashley and Jared getting engaged and I loved every second of it. Half of me was just so happy for them and I loved the BIP flashbacks of them to see how far they have come. The other half of me was reviling in the Kevin drama. Is that bad? It had to have been so awkward having your ex that recently cheated on you get engaged to the guy she cheated with right in front of you. A big part of Ashley I.’s storyline on her Bachelor journey has been she is a virgin. Did anyone else catch Kevin insinuating that he was Ashley’s first???

Ashley and Jared.jpg

Hot Commodity of the Week:

Kamil and John

Kamil went on another date this week and Annaliese lost her mind. Not in front of him though. She surprisingly kept it very “cool girl” when they spoke about it and kept her crazy hidden. Don’t get me wrong, I like Annaliese she just needs to relax a bit. She wants it so bad that sometimes I think it clouds her judgment.

Thankfully for Annaliese, Kamil didn’t have a connection on the date (don’t even get me started on the whole witch thing) and it made them stronger. Then enter: Chelsea, one of Annaliese’s besties on Paradise! Chelsea tried stealing Kamil and was being super shady. But again, Annaliese and Kamil’s relationship prevailed with Chelsea going home (finally!).

John has gone on 6 dates with 6 different women! A modern day Casanova over here. But for real, I love John. I don’t think it will work out for him here in Paradise but that just means we might get to see him again! John, do you like cold weather??? Hint hint- Bachelor Winter Games. Lets hope.

Who I am Shipping:

jordan and jenna love

Jordan and Jenna- I literally CANT WAIT for them to be married and have babies. Its gonna happen people.

Astrid and Kevin- They said I love you’s this week and I couldn’t be happier. Rooting for you guys.

Joe and Kendall- In the preview for the after the final rose part of the finale next week you see someone get engaged. I believe that couple is Kendall and Joe. I don’t think they are at the engaged level yet in Paradise but I do think they will stay together. If not, Grocery Store Joe would be the Bachelor right now.

Annaliese and Kamil- I want it to work so bad for Annaliese but I have a bad feeling.

Who I am Not Shipping:

I think everyone’s where they are supposed to be right now. Its obvious the ones that will leave in the beginning of next week and the ones who are in it for the long haul. So excited for the finale!

Most Ridiculous Convo of the Week:

This was the most underrated hilarious moment between two people in Bachelor history. Click on my Twitter link above to watch or click HERE. My favorite part is when John thinks he is some type of prisoner and cant leave the island Like Lost or something haha!

Jordan- Colton and Tia just broke up. They both went home. They left Paradise.

John- Really?

Jordan- Yeah.

John- Can they do that?

Jordan- Yeah! You can leave anytime!

John- What the hell?

The Snake in the Grass of the Week:



Hoes before Bros. Just saying.

colton snake.png


He is literally the worst.

The Last Weekly Colton and Tia Update:

Tia crying

Colton and Tia break up.

Fashion Moment of the Week:

Ashley and Jared

Ashley’s epic yellow engagement dress was perfect!!!! She looked so pretty! I’m gonna say it again: I am so happy for them!!! Shop the dress HERE!

Behind the Scenes Bachelor News of the Week:

ABC All-Star Happy Hour, TCA Summer Press Tour, Los Angeles, USA - 07 Aug 2018

Colton Underwood is the new Bachelor.

No he didnt


When Tia is most likely to be the Bachelorette he reaches out to her but then Becca is the new Bachelorette and then he leaves Tia for her. He tells Becca he has no feelings for Tia then as soon as him and Becca break up he goes on Bachelor in Paradise to be with Tia and then at the end of Paradise he dumps her so he can be the new Bachelor.

Did I miss anything?


ABC, you can still can change your mind. Look at all these good options!!


#jasonforbachelor HE WOULD BE PERFECT. Possibly the best Bachelor ever.


#grocerystorejoeforbachelor (if he is single) How cute was he with the babies?!


#johnforbachelor Dad jokes for days.

Next week is the finale and lets hope it doesn’t disappoint us like ABC did this week with their Bachelor choice! To catch up before the end of Paradise click HERE for all my previous recaps this season!





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