Bachelor in Paradise: The Finale!!

Instead of going too in depth on the last bachelor episodes I feel like I need to go over the after show and the crazy amount of behind the scenes bachelor news. Here we go!

Engaged couples:

chris and krystal

Mr. and Mrs. Goose!

I know I haven’t been their biggest fan throughout the season but they seem so happy. I don’t think I am alone in being shocked that these are pretty much the last standing engaged couple to come from Paradise but its happened and the two villains from their previous seasons found each other! During the after the final rose it was so genuine when Chris started crying from just being so freakin happy. Even though I am not his biggest fan, everyone deserves to be happy and I really have a feeling that they are lifers.

They are already planning on moving in together and I got a feeling we will see their wedding next Bachelor in Paradise season.

Krystal feather dress.png

Also can we talk about Krystal’s after show feathered dress?? Mrs. Goose? Feathered dress? I cant!! So pretty though, this weeks fashion moment for sure.

Jenna and Jordan engaged.jpg

Jordan and Jenna

I have not hidden my love for Jordan. He is probably my favorite person who has ever been in the bachelor franchise.  That also made me Jordan and Jenna’s biggest fan. My favorite couple has been Carly and Evan for forever and while we were watching Jordan and Jenna’s proposal I looked over at my husband and declared them my new favorite even over the king and queen of paradise, Carly and Evan!

Well, wasn’t I wrong. I am so upset about this. If you haven’t heard, Jenna and Jordan broke up. The after the final rose was filmed 2 or 3 weeks ago but news broke the day before their proposal aired that Jenna has had a “boyfriend” the entire time and just manipulated Jordan to get fame. This pretty much makes her the biggest bachelor villain there has ever been. Leo and Chad have been dethroned.

Jenna Text 3.jpg

The proof is in the text messages that have been verified by Reality Steve sent from Jenna to this mystery man who came forward.

Jenna has denied the validity of these texts but when Jordan spoke to her about them she played it off as a, I don’t know, I would have to check. Jordan promptly broke up with her believing these texts were real. I feel for him so bad. Jenna took his only wanting to get engaged once away from him without thinking of anyone but herself. I think this story is far from over and the next few weeks should be interesting!

Jordan hug.jpg

Left paradise as a couple:

Annaleise and Kamil break up

Annaliese and Kamil

Did that just happen? Poor Annaliese.

They left paradise on that final day with Annaliese wanting to have babies right away and Kamil not ready to get engaged but wanting to see what would happen outside of paradise so they left as a couple.

Fast forward to the after show and Kamil breaks up with Annaliese on the live show in from of the audience, contestants and thousands of people watching!


The most award, saddest thing ever. Kamil became enemy #1 and Annaliese deserves better. I LOVED when Annaliese got back on  stage when Kamil was talking and said she was trying to break up with him two weeks ago and he begged her to stay and that just yesterday they booked an Air BNB for spending the week together in New York. Kamil was booed of stage and deserved every bit of it.

Tia yes bitch.gif

Tia cheering Annaliese on. AMAZING #girlpower

john travolta.jpg

John and Olivia

Okay, not that John and Olivia but anytime I get a chance to put them in my blog, I will.

John Olivia.jpg

They left as a couple but doesn’t seem they lasted very long being long distance. What does that mean? More Dad jokes. See you in Winter games!

Couples who broke up and got back together:

Astrid and Kevin.jpg

Astrid and Kevin

I was so shocked when Kevin broke up with Astrid fantasy suite day. SHOCKED. Its pretty obvious Kevin has got some issues and it seems that when got back into his real life he realized it was his own issues holding him back and he still loves Astrid. Astrid is cautiously taking him back and now they are together. I do really like both of them and hope this works but if I was Astrid I would have my guard up a bit. They are both in Kevin’s home land, Canada, visiting each other so that’s a good sign! I wish them all the luck in the world! But Kevin, lets stop talking crap about Ashley I., kay?

Kendall and Joe.jpg

Kendall and Joe the Grocer

Love isn’t dead and Joe and Kendall are back together! So happy for them but there is definitely a bitter sweet element. I already kind of thought this but it got confirmed by Evan on Carly and Evan’s recap podcast takeover for Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off the Vine (a must listen!) that if Joe was single he would 100% be the Bachelor. Instead, we have to watch Colton again. But on the bright side my suspicions were correct and Grocery Store Joe will be on Dancing with the Stars! I used to watch the show all the time but the last few years not so much, but this upcoming season I am jumping back onboard nd will vote for Joe EVERY WEEK.

Other Bachelor News:

Amanda Stanton got arrested for domestic violence! Say What?!

Bekah Martinez is pregnant!

The Bachelor starts filming September 20th!

And I think that’s about it!

I really enjoyed writing these Bachelor Recaps and I want to thank everyone who read them weekly or even just a few, a BIG thank you! Watching Colton as the Bachelor will be a drag but I would be lying to say I wont be watching! I love the bachelor franchise and they would have choose someone like Leo for me not watch! Haha!

Until then….


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