Target Shopping Spree

This last weekend I found the CUTEST things at Target. A newer brand there called A New Day has become my new obsession! I have a pair of boots from them already but this last weekend I purchased plaid pointed sock booties that are my new faves.

Vinyl Purse.png

I also purchased a shiny black purse with a yellow fur handle. I repeat, A YELLOW FUR HANDLE. Match made in heaven!

Lastly, I got a pair of maroon corduroy overalls that is perfect for fall!

Back of Corduroy Overalls.png

I put them altogether in my all Target outfit. The past few years I have actually been disappointed by Target’s selection but this season they are on it. Just proves that you can get a super cute outfit on a budget!

Jumper with Pockets

Oh and did I mention the overalls have pockets?!

Retro Style

Here are the links to my whole outfit from Target!

Corduroy Overalls

Corduroy Deep V Jumper


Crossbody Bag

Plaid Sock Booties

Plaid Booty

Fall Outfit Details.png

Have fun shopping! I did!




3 thoughts on “Target Shopping Spree

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  1. You did it again in your cute fall outfit. Fall in L.A. is a lot different than in other parts of the country that is for sure. Love the fact that you choose to change and enjoy this time of year. I also like the way you put a splash of color with the purse and are always trying new things to spice up your wardrobe. .

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