Target Shopping Spree

This last weekend I found the CUTEST things at Target. A newer brand there called A New Day has become my new obsession! I have a pair of boots from them already but this last weekend I purchased plaid pointed sock booties that are my new faves. I also purchased a shiny black purse with... Continue Reading →

Shopping in the Men’s Section

I was shopping with my husband the other day and I had love at first sight! I call it, the Magnum PI shirt. This button up pineapple shirt was the perfect upgrade to my current and slightly boring outfit. But it was in the men's section. I paused for second then thought, who cares? It... Continue Reading →

Day Date at the Park

Going out of an actual date when you can binge watch Netflix perfectly fine from your couch can be a bit challenging. But my husband and I made a pact this summer to go out more! Whether its going to a nice dinner or stroll in the park, just as long as we get dressed... Continue Reading →

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